About Us.

Location and History.

Epperstone Rifle Club takes it’s name from and primarily uses the range facilities of Epperstone Rifle Range which is located in Epperstone, Nottinghamshire.

The range at Epperstone can trace its origins back to circa 1850 when it was used for cannon testing prior to the Crimean war. Through its history the range has been used by local volunteer regiments, civilian shooting clubs and other government users. During this time the facilities have changed in line with local development and the needs of the users however the core range facility remains. 

Today Epperstone Rifle Range consists of 3 separate ranges, a 25 yard covered range, 100 yard NDA range and a 3 lane gallery range. The gallery range boasting distances upto 300 yards for centrefire calibres and 500 yards for blackpowder rifles.  

Epperstone Rifle Club as we know it today was established in the later half of the 1990’s but can trace it’s origins back much further.   

What we do.

As a club we have a varied membership base with different interests. We shoot on most weekends of the year, these shoots vary in distance each weekend. We also shoot one evening during the week either at 100 yards or at 25 yards depending on the time of year.

In addition to the shoots at Epperstone Range we also arrange trips to other ranges which allows our members to test themselves and equipment at longer distances.

The club also holds various competitions throughout the year that cater to most disciplines including blackpowder competitions and a McQueens competition. Our competitions are held at various distances and follow a basic set of rules, the primary aim being that the members can compete with equipment they have already.


Club membership is currently £130 per year for a full member over 25, there is a £40 joining fee upon application. The membership fee for other categories varies but will be explained upon application. Our membership year runs from the 1st January to the 31st December. For shoots held at Epperstone Range there is no additional cost, for shoots held at other venues there will be an additional fee which is based on the total attendance for that day.

We have 5 categories of membership which are-

  • Full Member (over 25 yo).
  • Family Member.
  • Youth Member. (18-24 yo)
  • Junior Member. (Under 18 yo)
  • Probationary Member.

Unfortunately at this time we are not currently accepting applications from non FAC holders unless you know a current member.