Please see below for the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Q. I want somewhere to shoot my air rifle, can I join your club to do this?

A. Sorry, We don’t cater for air rifle shooting. There are local clubs who are dedicated air rifle clubs.

Q. Can I join the club without holding a Firearms Certificate?

A. Unfortunately at this time we are not accepting any applications from non Firearms Certificate holders.

Q. Do you offer experience or ‘have a go’ days?

A. No we are not allowed to offer these. Only guests of full members may visit on official guest days.

Q. I’m planning to attend a competition and would like to zero my rifle before. Can I visit for the day to zero my rifle?

A. No, we are only open to members.

Q. How much is it to join the club?

A. At the moment there is a admin charge of £40, the membership fee is then charge pro-rata. The current fee is £130 per year for a full adult member.